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We provide Customise Service to car mat and floor mat.

Provide quality product Provide quality product

Passorex is delivering the different possibilities of a good mat to you. Our business is built around our customer to provide them with different mats solutions. We also sourced different types of floor mat material from all around the world to cater for different kind of needs. Passorex only choose the best quality of floor mats for our customer. Singapore Trusted Brand, Direct Manufacturer, Premium Quality, Specialist in customization.

Specialist in customisation Specialist in customisation

Passorex’s business main focus is on custom floor mat that fit exactly the right shape and size to the entrance. We can made to fit whatever size and shape you need. We also provide onsite-trimming services to solve those uneven and complicated edges of the entrance.

Focus on customer service Focus on customer service

Passorex’s business is built around our customer to provide them with different mats solutions. We provide outstanding customer experience, efficient service and always ready to advise our customer from their need till the mat is delivered to them and after sales service by providing the right and suitable floor mat to our customer. Always listening to the customer, always offering the best possible Solution and prompt delivery to customer.

Experience Team Experience Team

We have different experience personnel to advise and customise the floor mat. We offer the best possible Solution. Understand customers need till the mat delivered them. Handle after sales service if customers have any further queries.

Manufacture vinyl coil mats Manufacture vinyl coil mats

We are a Vinyl coil mats manufacturing company. Our manufacturing plant is base in Malaysia. Every end finishing product is produce in Singapore. Our vinyl coil mats are manufactured from stringent selected raw & non-toxic materials. Using the safest and finest materials, top quality Japanese glue onto our mats. Supplying odourless mats we feel safe using, ourselves.