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About Car Mat

Customised Car Mat
We’re the tailor of car mats. We measure, cut and fit your car mat according to your car shape and size. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our car mats better, safer, and more stylish.
Car mats is not just to sit there and look good, here are five things your car mats do for you:

Keep you safe.
A high-quality custom mat keeps you safe by staying in its place and never slipping. Just to be sure, our mats have three ways of keeping you safe.

  • Our “claw” that will grip firmly to the base mat and ensure minimum movement if any.
  • Our “claw” backing keeps the mat from slipping from foot movement. Unlike Velcro, it’ll not damage your base carpet.
  • Custom-fit mats will match the contours of your car – just like the ones that came with the car. So no bunching or folding will get between you and where you need to go.

Aesthetic look.
Clean, fitted car mats can really improve the look of your car’s interior. Car mats can be both beautiful and functional. That’s why we make car mats with quality and style in mind.

Imagine cleaning the dirt, twigs and dried mud from your car’s interior carpet without being able to simply remove the mat. Luckily, PVC coil car mats let you avoid that particular hassle.

Protect and enhance the value of your car.
Car mats protect your car from wear and stains. Remember it’s much easier to replace a car mat than to redo the carpeting. By adding luxury, comfort and protection for your car, made-to-fit mats will actually increase the value of your car.

Protect your car boot areas.
Custom-fit car boot mats can make a big difference, especially if you do a lot of hauling or moving. Our PVC coil mat work to hide dirt, and they absorb water and snow better than a rubber mat.

Drive in comfort.
If the mat is made from quality PVC Coil mat, you can bet you’ll enjoy the drive a whole lot more. Our driver’s mat will come with heel pad, which protects the mat and your feet.

Drive in style.
The floor is easily the largest and most easily customizable piece of real estate in your car. There’s no better (or more cost-effective) way to add style to your car than with beautiful, high-quality car mats.