Car mat

Customised Car Mat
We’re the tailor of car mats. We measure, cut and fit your car mat according to your car shape and size. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our car mats better, safer, and more stylish.
Car mats is not just to sit there and look good, here are five things your car mats do for you:
Keep you safe.
A high-quality custom mat keeps you safe by staying in its place and never slipping. Just to be sure, our mats have three ways of keeping you safe.

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floor mat

Industry research has shown that 94 % of all dirt that enters a building is brought in on the soles of shoes or by wheeled traffic. This dirt creates a health and safety issue due to the increased risks of slips, trips or falls. By specifying the correct type of entrance matting dirt and moisture transfer into a building is restricted and this risk can be significantly reduced.

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About Us

Passorex manufacture & supply quality mats to the world

was founded in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to provide the floor mat industry with the real thing.

Helmed by Industry Professionals with at least 20 years of experience, Passorex International Pte Ltd boasts a dynamic Management Team, a highly skilled and knowledgeable Operational Team and an enviable sales network that spans the whole of Europe and Asia.

Drawing upon our expertise and experience to engineer floor mat solutions that present the Best Value to our Customers, Passorex International Pte Ltd aims is to be everyone’s preferred Partner and Floor Mat Supplier.

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Our Services

Manufacturing Vinyl  Coil Mats

Manufacturing Vinyl Coil Mats

Our facility in Malaysia is able to produce up to 200~300 rolls of mats daily.

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Partnership with mats  distributors / buyers

Partnership with mats distributors / buyers

We are constantly looking for partners to distribute our quality mats to the world.

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Quick and Direct Shipping to Partners Worldwide

Quick and Direct Shipping to Partners Worldwide

With our strategic location. We are able to ship worldwide.

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Contact Us

Passorex International Pte Ltd

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